Isa Khel is having 14 Union councils . 786isakhel team intends to include maximum data and information about each union so that world should know each inch of the Tehsil place and people .CHAPRI, ISAKHEL, KALABAGH, KALLUR, KAMAR MUSHANI, KAMAR MUSHANI PAKKA, KHAGLANWALA, KOT CHANDNA, SULTAN KHEL, TABISAR, TANIKHEL, TOLA BHANGI KHEL, TRAG, VANJARI


Kalabagh a town and union council of Isa Khel . It is located on the western bank of indus river. Kalabagh is a blend word comprising kallra hindu tribe and baghoo the sun god whose temple was erected on the top of the mountain, once where the sun god had been worshipped by kallra hindus. Kallra hindus came of kauroo tribes. After introduction of islam, it was captured by kambho, lodhi afghan, khemat, gahroo, so on and so forth. Alexander the great, captured this area for sake of salt.


The name of village is corruption of khambra mish asthana, by the ravages of time, it changed to kamar mushani. The village was once a seat of khambra tribes, who had been driven to the sandy desert of northern side. Khambra tribe was animals breeders, therefore, mishani is possessive case of mish means “buffalo” and they were famous for boats. They sailed off goods of northern iandia to lower parts of the indus such as rokkri, dera ismail khan and further down to multan and shinthu (sind).

 Trag is one of the biggest villages of tehsil Isa khel(tarna, an old name),district Mianwali. Trag came into being in between 1660-1685. It is populated by one of the significant clan “shado khel” hailing from Niazi pathan.  

Sultan khel is a village and union council of isa khel , mianwali district in the punjab province. It is located in isakhel tehsil . This place is known for coal mines (pmdc) known as makerwal gullakhel collieries ltd



Sr. # Name of Union Council Population
1 Union Council Isa Khel (Urban) 19250
2 Union Council Khaglanwala 20276
3 Union Council Kallur 19451
4 Union Council Sultan Khel 20363
5 Union Council Trag 18467
6 Union Council Kamar Mushani (Urban) 20140
7 Union Council Paka Kamar Mushani 16088
8 Union Council Vanjari 16221
9 Union Council Tani Khel 19991
10 Union Council Chapri 20677
11 Union Council Kot Chandna 15120
12 Union Council Kalabagh (Urban) 15092
13 Union Council Tola Bhangi Khel 16365
14 Union Council Tabi Sar 18996




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