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75 % Amrohas Aseel By Farid Ullah Hashmi — 81 Comments

    • Fahad Lodhi
      Sir I have a request for u ….. As I think amrohas are the best Aseel breed and u r blessed to have purest of them all…. Plz make some efforts to recognise this breed world wide like Raza Aseel …. Reza Aseel are very famous in England and often form part of many compititions as show breed …. I request u again plz make some efforts and introduce this breed as well …… Iss turha Pakistan ka naam bhe roshan Ho ha aur ya breed bhe save Ho jai gi otherwise I think one day this breed will extinct …. Plz look into my advice and save this breed …. U can see breeds of dogs representing their country of origin like American pit bull terrior , British bulldog , Belgian shaperd you can introduce this breed as Pakistani amroha Aseels ….. Regards and lots of prayers

  1. hi mr farid. i realy apreciate your efforts to make people know about aseel birds in mianwali. you have realy nice birds i like it. ALLAh bless you, makes you more pashionate about aseel birds, to save and care them.take care.

  2. assalamualaikum its very nice to see web on net like this . now we learn moor about aseels becos i am from peshawar and we have not so good bread . but you have amazing breed i love it

  3. Assalamo alaikum,
    I liked the male which is one of the best specimen of small asils, but am not sure about the female as it has got yellow legs. I got a white chick from Tank city (Khyber Paktunkhwa)in 1994 and it grew up in to a spectacular hen. I croseed it with a tall male and got chicks from it. Unfortunately I had to go to London for studies and when I came back after 7 years, I got only a very big red hen which was the daughter of the white hen. Someone stolen it from me.
    Whenever I go to the chicken market in Bannu,I found better samples than what I see here on thi swebsite or elsewhere on internet. I don’t understand why some people are so proudely presently their chicken on internet with long histories, but when you look at these, some even don’t seem to be full ASIL.
    Good luck for all the ASIL lovers.
    Dr Nek Jan

    • Dear dr!
      its not a matter of exageration ,its a breed, I personally know these peer family and their history, the pics u hv seen are all amroha breed, and are pure aseels, IN all pak and even all over world, mianwali aseels are famous, either its bannu or taank, mianwali breeds are supplied over there.
      hope u wont mind. regards.

  4. I am pleased to disclose that I have a purely bred aseel amroha hen gifted to me some 4 yrs back. I am unable to find a pure amroha male for this hen to preserve the breed. I would certainly be very much pleased if can please avail a chance to preserve this rare specie. Kindly let me know if I can get one Pure Aseel Rooster or male chick/patha to preserve this breed. I otherwise permenently live here at Hyderabad and am currently working at Lahore but feel convinced enough to travel miles for this hobby of mine.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Mayo Hospital,Lahore


  6. Janab u keep excellent collection of amroha breed ,I am not very much familiar with game fighter chicken but just visit the sites feel much better when i saw these types of detail along with the iamges,
    God bless u Sir

  7. I wish I get one amroha so I can whoop guys who are talking bad .a lot of respect for their family who kept the tradition if I knew where they live I would go get 1 from them one thing I don’t understand why they say 75% amroha ? Please help me love aseel nasal

  8. Would anybody please address this blog… I am eagerly waiting for a pure rooster as i have a pure amroha hen at my place at hyderabad. My contact no. 03452894516. B/W i have amroha crossed with sindhi and miyanwali. Willing to sell it to someone who doesnt make it fight and loves breeding it for the preservation of species.

  9. Aslam-u-Alaikum,
    I am from Islamabad.
    I saw your collection of Aseel, Very nice and good collection.
    I need pure Amroha Breed Chicks one pair. If, you have kindly reply.
    kindly give me your contact no.

  10. hello sir my name is choudhay sajid.i am a banker from gujrat city.i am a lover of aseel birds since I was a child.every one who start loving assel is start with the word AMROHA. I congratulate u on preserving this breed till now. I saw ur site and I suggest they(amroha)need a cross now to reshape its beauty and size. I suggest u to cross this breed in mushkay lasani. when u get this cross the result shows u what I was saying. preserve the original amroha and original lasani breed and get a new breed to introduce in aseel world.i have a breed of band kandi also from my grand father.he got this breed from chetu sing before partition and I preserve this breed with love. keep loving.

  11. Niazi sb looking for pure Amroha pair. Need help from your learning & ecperiences. Not interested in fights. Just a lover of good breed of Aseel.

  12. fareed sahab, Peer sahab kay lasani murgh bhi dikao. logon ko amroha k peechay laga dia ha.mushkay lasani dikhain wo asal nayab breed ha peer shah alam shah sahab ki.hope u dont mind

  13. peer sahib mary pas b amroha nasal ka murga hy!! apko dkhana chahta hn agar ap apna cn ct day skty hen to plz!! 03117096464 men b mianwali sy belong krta hn!!

  14. hashmi sahab your Amroha breed is cross its not in pure shape pure Amroha dont have spares and white feather which shows their purity i have just seen pure amroha just once in life and i have not seen such a breed again dont mind it Thankyou

  15. Sir hamara Page hay facebook par (Real Aseel’s of Sargodha) k name say us men jo murgh hen kiss kiss nasal say talluk rakhtay hen kia ap bta saktay hen mujhay thek tarha pata nahe hay log mujh say pochtay hen mn bta nahe sakkta to woh baten kartay hen

  16. sab fake hai fareed be or is ke amrohe be aghar bohat ache hain to unhain main challange karta hon aao or humary sath apny amrohe laro bazi tumhari marzi ki ho gi open challenge hai

  17. app ky pass hen ko cherby ka koie alage hy?
    maray pass amroha nasal ki murghy hay uss ko cherby ki waja say anday nahi dati plz. us koi alage bta dayn

  18. My Dear Sir, Faridullah.you are kindly requested to show yours farid koti breed i heard a lot of about it but nothing has happened yet.i am also very found of keeping farid koti breed when will it possible it is difficult to say dear Sir but i respect you because of your undeniable efforts to rejuvenate the aseel hobby,May you live long and spend your very happy life with yours respected family.
    from uae

  19. Sir I really like this breed … I really appreciate your way to save this breed … I’m basically animals lover …l have many high breed parrots Dogs fishe etc… I feel happy if you’ll give me a aseel cock of this breed …

  20. found of keeping farid koti breed when will it possible it is difficult to say dear Sir but i respect you because of your undeniable efforts to rejuvenate the aseel hobby,May you live long and spend your very happy life with yours respected family.
    from uae

  21. I see a lot of emails and requests but hardly see any response from the web page administrator, i don’t know if anyone is going to reply to my comment.

  22. Assalam o allaikum:
    Friends I’m curious to know that how to identify the cook is 100% real aseel or not.
    I tried to on Google but unfortunately I’m unable to find.
    I request if anybody here who can help and tell me with some pictures or a video please contact on what’s app.

  23. Aslamo alkum farid ullah sahib sim fine your amroha breed sir kindly ap mujhy apna sell number da sakty hian

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