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  1. AoA, Bhai a site bana k tusa Isa khel d bao khidmat kiti. Tuhadi is mehnat d jitni tareef kiti vnjy o ghat a. Tuhadia ina koshisha ko Allah mazeed kamyab kry. A site Isa khel day halat nal agahi da hik behtreen zaria hay bilkhasoos sady jya wasty jery Isa khel to bao door hin.Fayyaz M. Raza=United Arab Emirates=Cell No. +971 55 9469837

  2. Thanks to management who really cares for mianwali and its people.Love to see everything about my land.And love to say that this website is so updated about small news happening in mianwali which increase my knowledge always, whenever i do visit.Thanks Again=Australia

  3. dear sir,
    the “khel” data should be there on the site from all the towns/villages of Mianwali.

  4. its amazing ,I think in this way we can told the whole world that we are not backward people. we are sweet and loving. mje mianwali se pyar ka andaza tb hua jb main sargodha gia. we love you minwali (land of beauties,lions, and great simple peoples)
    Allah tala is web site bht tarqi day AAMEEN
    long live MIANWALI
    long live PAKISTAN

  5. Really good efforts made by you n i think it would be useful for the viewrs and up coming our generation.thank you and keep it up .Farid malik switzerland

  6. AoA.very good effort to expose mianwali culture peoples & areas and how they love pakistan without funds and other facilities from fedral govt.

  7. Sir salam Please correct the spelling of Detail in the heading. “FOR MORE DETIALS ABOUT MIANWALI CULTURE”
    Well done its good effort. Regards

  8. Masha Allah…tohadi koshish bht achi hai..bht acha km keeta hoya a… ty haaly mzeed behtri di gunjaesh mojood hy..apni koshish jari rakho..Allah tohanu kamyab kre

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